Why take Baby Basics?

Our goal is to increase your confidence in caring for infants and small children. If you are a parent, parent-to-be, grandparent, family member or caregiver, this course is for you!

  • Understand the difference between an illness/injury and normal baby language

  • Learn how to care for a choking infant, provide CPR and respond to many other potential emergencies

  • Provide you with the tools to make your baby's environment as safe as possible

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Temperature Check

Course Topics

  • 2

    Baby Language

    • Chapter Goals
    • How do we assess?
    • Look - Head
    • Look - Head
    • Look - Chest/Belly
    • Look - Skin
    • Look - Chest/Belly/Skin
    • Look - Diaper
    • Look - Whole Body
    • Assessment - Extremities
    • Listen
    • Feel or "feelings"
    • How to check their temperature FREE PREVIEW
    • Response to temperature check
    • Normal Baby Language
    • Baby Red Flags
    • Baby Language Quiz
    • Chapter References
  • 3

    The Safety Essentials

    • Chapter Goals
    • Why is this important?
    • Newborn Safe Practices
    • Infant Safe Practices
    • Toddler Safe Practices
    • Household Injury Prevention
    • Household Poisoning
    • Tool and Toy Safety
    • Supervision
    • Preparing for Emergencies
    • Safety Quiz
    • Chapter References
  • 4


    • Chapter Goals
    • Why is this topic in every baby course and book?
    • Prevention
    • Introducing Solids
    • Signs of Choking
    • Actions - Partial Blockage
    • Actions - Complete Blockage
    • Actions - Infant Demo FREE PREVIEW
    • Actions - Infant Mannequin Demo
    • If things worsen or symptoms persist
    • DO NOT
    • Choking Quiz
    • Chapter References
  • 5


    • Chapter Goals
    • First, what can lead to do this
    • Signs of Arrest
    • Signs of Arrest - How to assess
    • Actions - CPR
    • Actions - CPR Video Demo
    • Actions - AED Video
    • AED - Breakdown
    • CPR Quiz
    • References
  • 6

    Head Injuries

    • Chapter Goals
    • Why are babies at risk?
    • Concussion Discussion
    • Assessment FREE PREVIEW
    • Call 911
    • Doctor
    • Are you in the clear?
    • Home treatment
    • Shaken Baby Syndrome
    • Baby Brain Quiz
    • References
  • 7

    Breaks and Bruises

    • Chapter Goals
    • Bone Muscle and Joint Injury - Assessment
    • Bone, Muscle and Joint Injury - Actions
    • Bruises - Assessment
    • Bruises - Actions
    • Special Circumstances
    • Special Circumstances Continued
    • Further attention needed
    • Breaks and Bruises Quiz
    • Chapter References
  • 8

    Infectious Diseases & Where to Find Them

    • Chapter Goals
    • The Red Flags
    • Stop the Spread
    • When to keep kids home
    • Lumps, bumps and blisters
    • Coughs, mucous and germs galore
    • Puke and poop causing bugs
    • Infectious Disease Quiz FREE PREVIEW
    • Chapter References
  • 9

    Allergic Reactions

    • Chapter Goals
    • What is an allergy?
    • Introduction of Allergens
    • Types of Reactions
    • Treatment - Anaphylactic
    • Treatment - Epi pen demo
    • Treatment - General
    • Allergy Facts
    • Allergies Quiz
    • Chapter References
  • 10

    Hot and cold emergencies

    • Chapter Goals
    • Beat the Heat
    • Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke
    • Fevers - less than 6 months
    • Fevers - greater than 6 months
    • Cover up in the cold
    • Hypothermia
    • Frostbite
    • Hot & Cold Quiz
    • Chapter References
  • 11

    Communicating with Healthcare Professionals

    • Chapter Goals
    • Calling 911
    • When EMS Arrives
    • In the Emergency Department
    • At the clinic
    • Chapter References
    • Baby Basics Course Completion Survey

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by Dallas

I feel more confident!

by Dallas

I loved that I could stop and start the course when I needed to. I feel more confident and will be more mindful of everyday care things that may not have come to my mind before when caring for my granddaughter. This course was very informative.

Relatable, valuable and easy to understand


After completing this course I instantly feel more confident dealing with emergencies. My son's daycare called to notify me of a potential head injury and I instantly remembered what questions to ask and how to assess for concussions or brain injuries because of this course.

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Meet the Creator

Jessica Conti BN RN, Certified Health & Safety Instructor, Mommy

Jessica comes with a combination of experiences related to health and safety. Early on, Jessica worked as a nanny while completing her nursing education. Now, she has owned To The Beat Health & Safety and worked as a nurse for several years. To The Beat has been offering in-person first aid instruction to several different fields including child care, oil and gas, health care and youth organizations. As a nurse, she has been exposed to a variety of health care settings and specialties. This ensures courses have a comprehensive outlook on health and wellness for all demographics and scenarios. This variety of experience, plus the recent birth of her own daughter, has spearheaded her passion for ensuring parents are adequately educated to decrease the risk of injury and illness in children.
Jessica Conti, creator of Baby Basics


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    It takes approximately 2 hours to take the course. However, you are able to stop and start and come back when you are able to.

  • Will the course information expire or become irrelevant?

    There is always more research being done in first aid and infant/small child care. For that reason, we will always be making updates to the course. However, if you are a part of our emailing list you will be notified when these changes have been made and what the changes are. You never lose access to the course.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    There is no expiration to your access to the course. You have access for life!

  • Isn't this information covered in my pre-natal course?

    Unfortunately, no! That is one of the many reasons why we created Baby Basics. There is very little overlap with prenatal education workshops because their main focus is on preparation for birth and the first few days following. This course is focused on the health and safety of infants

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